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A Passion for Plants and People

Horticultural Therapy Provision

We offer a dynamic year-round programme of Horticultural Therapy. This has been delivered with outstanding results within Primary and Secondary Schools, for Adults with Neurological conditions, Stroke, Learning Disabilities, Elder Communities and people experiencing Mental Health Difficulties. We are particularly passionate about including sessions for staff teams for restorative wellbeing.  


Design and Build 

We work collaboratively with all kinds of settings to develop accessible, inclusive food growing gardens. Utilising robust Occupational Therapy skills we are adept at considering the broad needs of your gardeners. We use a holistic approach when creating growing spaces and are adept at building gardens from the ground up, or adapting your established garden to increase inclusion and participation.


Consultancy and Training

We offer quality Consultancy with a wealth of practical solutions to connect your clients to growing and the expertise to ensure projects are the right fit for your setting. We deliver training for Occupational Therapists, Educators, Health Practitioners, Community Gardeners and anyone passionate about connecting people and plants. We are experienced professionals offering engaging ways to increase participation in the evidence-based benefits of gardening.

"Plant a garden. For the health of the earth and the health of people. A garden is for nurturing connection and it's power grows far beyond the garden gate" Robin Wall Kimmerer

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